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How to join

How to sail with us
To sail with the NLSA, you must be aged 8 or over and: 
  • have successfully completed a practical dinghy course at the required level or higher, e.g. RYA National Sailing Scheme Level 2, RYA Youth Sailing Start Sailing Stage 3 or Racing Red, or NSSA Gold Award, or equivalent, or
  •  have been assessed by the Centre sailing staff (or their nominee) as competent to sail a simple course, or
  •  if 17 or under and not qualified to be a member in your own right, have a parent or guardian who is a member and sail only in their care and in the same boat as them.
You can then join and sail at Stoke Newington all year round, and take part in sailing weekends at Brightlingsea for a weekend fee.
If you don't have one of these qualifications and have no dinghy experience then you will need to complete a Level 1 and a Level 2 course. These are generally fun and the best way to improve your sailing. The NLSA does not run courses, but they are available at the Stoke Newington West Reservoir run by the Better organisation. Contact the Centre on 020 8442 8116. Their website is:
Alternatively, contact the Royal Yachting Association for details of other teaching centres near you:
Subscription Periods
Subscriptions run from 1 April to 31 March of the following year.
New members joining January to September pay a full subscription running to 31 March of the following Year. An additional payment will be due from those joining January to March if the subscription subsequently rises from 1 April.
New members joining October to December pay a half subscription running to 31 March of the following year
Membership Rates


“Full Subscription” member

“Additional” members from the same

member household as a “Full” Subscription member


Adult Members

( A ) £140.00

( B ) £ 70.00

Concessionary Members

( C ) £ 70.00

( D ) £ 35.00

Youth Members, not qualified to sail without a parent member


( X ) £ 35.00


Youth Members, qualified to join and sail un-accompanied by a parent member

( Y ) £ 70.00

( Z ) £ 35.00

Application Forms

After downloading this form to your screen, if you then wish to fill in the form, click the download button on the screen above the document and save it to your Downloads folder. Then open the form from your Downloads folder and fill in that copy and save it. Then it can be sent to the Membership Secretary either by attaching it to an email as detailed on the form or by post. 

Multiple Members from the same household
Where there are multiple qualified members from the same household, there is a reduced fee for the multiple members.
When an additional qualified member joins the Association, where previously there has only been a single member from that household, the fee for the additional member shall be the additional amount to bring the total up to what it would have been had both members paid their appropriate multiple member fee.
Concessionary Membership Rates
NLSA offers concessionary rates to adults who meet our criteria and supply proof of eligibility:

(a) For those aged 60 and above, a bus pass, a pension book, a birth certificate or a passport;
(b) For full-time students and trainees on government schemes, a student card, or a letter on headed paper from the college, university or scheme;
(c) For people receiving benefits or job seekers allowance, an ES40 form, income support book, working families tax credit, housing benefit or council tax benefit letter;
(d) For disabled people, an incapacity benefit (higher rate), disability working or severe disability living allowance book.