Pyefleet Racing Week


  • Saturday 5th August 2017 to Saturday 12th August 2017

The plan

  • to run at least a 3 day long weekend from Friday evening 4th August
  • a minimum of 3 teams of 2, maximum 6 teams of 2 (over that first weekend)
  • to continue our involvement during the rest of Pyefleet week for as long as we still have at least 3 teams still taking part.

Registration with Brightlingsea Sailing Club

Saturday 4th August followed by the non-series Carole Cruickshank Pursuit Race that afternoon.  


The main race series of 6 races takes place from Sunday 5th August until Saturday 12th August. There is a race series rest day on Wednesday 8th August when the non-series Big Wednesday All In Handicap Race takes place.

Racing takes place with 2 separate fast and slow handicap fleets racing each day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon alternating each day, and our Wayfarer dinghies would probably be assigned to the slow handicap fleet.


A separate form should be filled in and returned as soon as possible by everyone wishing to take part including both members of any team.

2017 Pyefleet Booking Form

It is best to to form a team in advance with someone you are already used to racing with in a Bahia or some other double hander. If you have not yet formed a team, we will attempt to pair you up.

If you have already formed a team, please also indicate on the form the name of your team co-member and indicate with a X which days in addition to the first weekend you or your team can take part.

As soon as we have a full picture of how many teams wants to be involved and for how long, we will notify everyone of how many days we will have enough teams to participate.


Costs for NLSA members and guests will be similar to daily rates for normal Brightlingsea activities. There will be an additional cost of £15 per day per Wayfarer for Registration.

NLSA Brightlingsea Pyefleet week booking form:

Pyefleet 2016 information:

2016 Notice of Race information:

2016 Sailing Instructions from Brightlingsea Sailing Club:

2016 Course Card: