Racing Results '15

Summer Series 2015

Final Results

  1. Andrew
  2. Steve S.
  3. Hendrik
  4. Melodie
Day 6 - Results allocated to the two participants on an even basis.

Day 5 - The second race has been decided on the positions that can be remembered as Geoff had to stop scoring to rescue someone. I am open to appeals.

Day 4 - 17 people racing today in variable conditions. I have credited Andrew with the handicap for an old Laser sail. Just as well as he finished equal first (after handicapping) with James and Stephen Driver - both had exactly the same corrected time of 12 minutes and 19 seconds! I have no details on anyone else so if you had an old sail and feel hard done by then please email. Also Marigold and Austen have been credited with a slightly better handicap for a Bahia with no battens.

Day 3 - Some great racing this Sun with the Laser mains having the advantage in the variable conditions. Andrew and James had a real battle but with James giving Andrew the wins due to a couple of generous capsizes. Hendrick was showing how much he had improved with some consistent results and great to have some new faces racing too.

Summer 2015

Funboat Cup 2015
1) Simon M.
2) Mel
3) Eve

Last Sunday we held the Funboat Cup in memory of a past NLSA member. It was a lightwind day and some interesting racing techniques were adopted trying to get the Funboats to go their fastest. Lying down while steering with one foot seemed to be a favorite.  Whatever Simon was doing seemed to work best and he was the winner of the Bernie Hayes memorial trophy. Creditable mentions go to Mel and Eve who were not far behind. Geoff set a downwind gybing course that he felt might work for the Funboats. It certainly resulted in some crowded mark roundings and much confusion. 

The Summer series starts soon.

Race 1  Race 2 Total Place
Simon M. 2 1 3 1
Mel 1 3 4 2
Eve 3 2 5 3
Steve S 4 4 8 4
Jess 5 5 10 5
Matt 6 6 12 6
Marigold 10 7 17 7
Ishbel 9 9 18 8
Chris H. 7 11 18 9
Pavel 8 10 18 10
Caroline 11 8 19 11

Icicle Series 2015

Final results

  1. James D.
  2. Steve S.
  3. Melodie H.

Day 4
Very still conditions at the start of the morning led some of us to opt for full sails. Those sensible people that had seen the forecast chose the smaller 4.7s. By the second race it didn't matter much and it was a matter of survival for everyone with four out of nine boats not finishing. Top sportsmanship marks go to Jorrit who shouted out to me on the finish line that he had gone round a buoy the wrong way. Let me know if I misunderstood Jorrit as I have to award a dnf. 

Overall in the series James has an unassailable lead and Melodie is in second. There are two days remaining.

Day 2
A lot of competition for second place this week with four boats on equal points. Congratulations to Germain and William for proving that the Bahias can compete with the Lasers once the handicap is taken into account. James Driver is starting to build up a nice lead in first. 

Day 1
Great start to the Icicle series with loads of wind and some sunshine. Very eventful with Geoff having to abandon his post in the first race to ensure safety. Consequently the first race has been decided on position alone. Melodie has been given redress for the last race with an average score. Not sure if that should be 3 or 4 points so I have provisionally given her 3. Myself and Marigold would have had two seconds if it hadn't been for equipment failure. Unfortunately Geoff judged it to be self induced.