Racing Handicaps

Here are the latest handicap numbers. They are based on the PY numbers but are modified by our experience at the reservoir. NB: The slightly better handicap for an old Laser is dictated by the sail and not the hull. 

I have adjusted the Feva numbers based on the most recent experience, added a number for the Pico and adjusted the Topper and Funboat numbers upwards.

Bahia 1150
Bahia Spinaker 1150
Bahia Single Handed 1130
Laser Main New 1087
Laser Main Old 1103
Laser 4.7 New 1180
Laser 4.7 Old 1200
Laser Radial New 1117
Laser Radial Old 1137
Feva Single or double handed. One or two sails. 1210
Topaz 1236
Topper 1341
Funboat 1430
Pico Single or double handed. One or two sails. 1330.
Hartley 13 and 15 provisional 1150