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Spring/Summer Series 2014 

The winners are :-
1) Melodie
2) Austin
3) Hendrik
4) Caroline

The rules for this series led to some complicated calculations but there was no doubt that Mel was the deserving winner. Good to have Geoff back officiating and offering advice on the last day. Also good to see that everyone is noticably improving! 

There will be some additional rules for this series.

1) It will be your best seven results that count for the series. This allows for a large number of discards and seemed to be a successful formula when tried in the last icicle series.

2) Only one day in a new laser will be allowed to count towards your results. This means that if you want to win you will have to spend time in the other boats. This rule has been added so as to allow the lasers to be shared around more fairly. In particular there are a lot of new members at this time of year and we want to encourage them and not allow the new lasers to be hogged by the same people. If you use a new laser on more than one day then it is your best days results that count. 

1st June
15th June
29th June
13th July

Spring Series Day 1
Race 1Race 2Race 3Total for Day
James DriverLaser Full New108700:07:080:06:3410:08:580:08:1510:12:420:11:4113
MelodieLaser Full New108700:07:150:06:4020:09:160:08:3130:14:350:13:2549
Simon MooreLaser Full New108700:08:130:07:3430:09:200:08:3540:14:000:12:53310
RonaldLaser Full New108700:08:520:08:0940:09:090:08:2520:15:060:13:53511
AustinLaser Full New108700:09:350:08:4960:10:480:09:5660:15:270:14:13618
HendrikLaser Full Old110300:09:140:08:2250:12:120:11:0480:15:470:14:19720
DianeLaser Full Old110300:10:360:09:377DNF999:00:0090:16:260:14:54824
Steve SBahia1130DNF999:00:0080:11:170:09:597DNF999:00:00924
Spring  Series Day 2
Race 1Race 2Race 3Total for Day
Steve SLaser Main New108700:09:180:08:3310:07:260:06:5020:12:030:11:0514
MelLaser 4.7 Old120000:10:440:08:5730:08:090:06:4810:14:040:11:4337
AustinLaser 4.7 New118000:10:350:08:5840:09:590:08:2850:13:360:11:32211
HendrickLaser New 4.7118000:11:020:09:2150:09:450:08:1640:14:300:12:17413
CarolineLaser New 4.7118000:11:070:09:2560:09:230:07:5730:14:530:12:37514
ChrisLaser Main New108700:09:300:08:4420:09:220:08:3760:14:050:12:57715

Spring Series Day 3
Race 1Race 2Race 3Total for Day
MelLaser Main New2215
AustinLaser Main New3137
CarolineLaser Old16411
Steve SLaser Main New73212
HendrickOld 4.754514
AdamLaser 4.7 New45716
FelixLaser 4.7 New67619
Spring Series Day 4Race 1Race 2Race 3Total for Day
Steve SLaser Main New10870:14:000:12:5320:21:060:19:2570:06:150:05:45110
AustinLaser Main Old11030:13:550:12:3710:21:250:19:2560:06:450:06:07310
HendrikLaser Main New10870:14:250:13:1630:20:050:18:2930:06:500:06:17612
Diane &  KatherineBahia11300:16:150:14:2370:21:500:19:1940:06:510:06:04213
MelodieLaser Main New10870:16:190:15:0180:20:000:18:2420:06:450:06:13515
Sophie & JonathanBahia11300:15:100:13:2540:22:350:19:5980:07:000:06:12416
BosharLaser 4.7 New11800:16:550:14:2060:21:350:18:1710:08:000:06:47916
CarolineLaser Main New10870:15:350:14:2050:21:050:19:2450:06:520:06:19717
Steve M.Laer Main New10870:17:000:15:38100:21:440:20:0090:06:590:06:25827

Overall Totals Laser new is best dayTotal
MelodieLaser New221
MelodieOld Boat313820
AustinLaser New 313
AustinOld Boat163825
HendrikLaser New 336
HendrikOld Boat544530
CarolineLaser New 635
CarolineOld Boat164833

Funboat Cup 2014 

Winner - Mel

Mel gets the Bernie Hayes memorial trophy. The booby prize was a dual pen-holder snow-dome with a yellow Buddha! It was good to see a large number of funboats out all racing at the same time and I think it provided quite a challenge for some of us to cope with their unusual sailing characteristics!

Icicle Series 2014 


Winner - James Driver. 
Runner up - Jorrit 
Best Lady - Mel

James is the deserving winner in this very hard fought series. He managed this despite his racing commitments elsewhere and despite generally strong conditions. A special mention for Hendrick who also got a very good result. I would be grateful if everyone can return their trophies so I can get them engraved in time for the BBQ.

Bahia Mini Series
Ist prize awarded to Stephen Driver and Caroline Brown
Most improved adult - Melodie
Most improved youth (this and sunset series) - Becky 
Apologies to Melodie and Simon B as Day 1 results appear to have been missed.

Bahia Day 1


Tues Evening Spring Sunset series
To keep things simple only first three positions count.
Only Topaz and Toppers are included in the series results.
3 points for first, 2 for second and 1 for third.
I hope the results for the final day are correct - the rain destroyed my scoresheet! Well done to Jack for a convincing win. 
Well done to Caroline Brown for most improved/consistency prize.

Sunset Series