Joining the NLSA 

... and renewing your membership

Sailing at West Reservoir with the NLSA is extremely affordable - £140 or less per year!

Use of boats and buoyancy aids is included in the membership fee.  

Membership criteria - Adult

If you meet the above criteria, JOIN the association using the online system MemberMojo straight away!

Years of dinghy experience but don't have an official certificate?  Do not despair, read below ...

Membership criteria - Youth

Application process

If you have an Adult RYA Level 2 certificate or a Youth Stage 3, or equivalent, you can join straight away; just follow the instructions below. There is a dropdown menu and the one you select depends on your date of joining and your category of membership.

Applications for young people aged 8 to 17 must be made by their parent or guardian.

The close family, both adults and children, of qualified adult members can also join even if unqualified themselves, but must only sail with the qualified adult family member.

NLSA at the West Reservoir is not an RYA Training Centre so if you don't have a qualification or dinghy-sailing experience, contact either the West Reservoir Centre on for details of their RYA courses, or contact the RYA for information about other training centres.

If you have significant previous dinghy-sailing experience but no official certification, NLSA offers assessments by an experienced NLSA sailing instructor, who will ask the sailor to demonstrate sailing skills up to RYA Level 2. The exact content of the assessment may vary, but most commonly the sailor will have to rig and launch their dinghy, sail a triangular course successfully and return safely to the pontoon. 

Successful assessment will permit the sailor to join the club and participate in all club activities. However, the assessment is not a replacement for RYA certification and therefore is not recognised at any other club.

To arrange an assessment please contact Mary Leaming, NLSA Membership Secretary at 

To download the NLSA Assessment form, please click this link:

If you have an equivalent qualification, which can be from another country, please contact Mary Leaming, NLSA Membership Secretary at

Annual Subscriptions

The subscription year runs from 1 April to 31 March.  Subscriptions for new members run to 31 March of the following year.

Reduced rates for new members based on date of first joining

Full Membership


Please contact Mary Leaming, NLSA Membership Secretary at to supply proof of eligibility or for more information.

Family rates

For members from the same household, only one adult qualified member pays the full annual subscription. All other household members pay 50% of the relevant full subscription. 

The section below is managed by MemberMojo, a system we use for member registrations. If you need any help (the list of membership options is quite long :-), please contact Mary Leaming, NLSA Membership Secretary at

JOIN or RENEW your membership using online system MemberMojo